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Direction of development of pharmaceutical packaging machinery

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Pharmaceutical Packaging Machinery in China is still relatively lacking in stability, which may lead to product quality issues, and affect the whole of the packaging line

Superior stability of pharmaceutical packaging machinery for the production large variety of medical products manufacturing enterprises, it is a very critical requirement, because the equipment may easily lead to instability and affect the production of cut-off break. Affect the stability of pharmaceutical packaging machinery main factors are materials, components and basic gear. First, the materials and components of the low-level configuration will seriously affect the stability of the device, but there are some companies out of our country to consider the procurement of low-cost and even low-quality materials and components. Second, the packaging machine on the basis of gear that affects the stability of packaging machinery one of the factors. At present, China's pharmaceutical packaging equipment essential to the chain wheel, put the main stalk and other basic gear, it will be brought to the mechanical stability of the hidden dangers, while the foreign pharmaceutical packaging machinery has basically adopted the servo drive systems. It should be said, companies select a servo motor things, but businesses often will take into account the introduction of the potential cost pressure servo motor. Enterprises from the traditional application of servo motor drive mode switch, thus need to other agencies or equipment is also supporting servo motor, so that along with the improvement of control accuracy, the cost increases as a result, many pharmaceutical companies can not afford to bear.

For the pharmaceutical packaging machinery, the depth of the direction of development is faster, more stable, higher levels of automation and control, operation is more humane, more convenient and easier cleaning and so on.

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