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At home and abroad for future development of food packaging machinery

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With the development of world science and technology, developed countries have the nuclear technology, laser technology, biotechnology and mechanical engineering into the traditional manufacturing technology. The new alloy materials, polymer materials, composite materials, inorganic non-metallic materials such as new materials have also been promoting the application of food packaging machinery, integrated, intelligent, flexible technology will become the future mainstream of development. The manufacturing sector will arise in the future the following features:

    Production scale: a small variety of large quantities of small-volume multi-species change quantities.

    The allocation of resources: labor-intensive information-intensive knowledge-intensive equipment.

    Mode of production: manual mechanization and automation of rigid single-stream Automatic Line Automatic line of flexible intelligent automatic line.

    Process Methods: The emphasis on processing before and after the treatment, emphasis on technology and equipment, so that manufacturing processes and technology into a set of methods, processes and equipment, craft materials, as one of the sets of technology.

    Process control: the right logistics, inspection, packaging, storage process control as an integral part of manufacturing technology.

    Will establish the circulatory system: design and production preparations manufacturing sales maintenance of recycling, the whole process to form a virtuous circle.

    Packaging machinery industry to face market demand and how to catch up and even surpass the developed countries food packaging machinery, and how to increase the pace of independent innovation, and strive to develop in a short time a group with independent intellectual property rights and the international advanced level products, is placed in our food packaging machinery business before the urgent task.

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