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Packaging machinery lead the deep processing industry of agricultural products

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In recent years, the rapid development of China's agricultural product processing industry, grain, livestock and poultry eggs and milk, aquatic products, fruits and vegetables, forest products processing industries such as the rapid rise of a group; aquatic products, tea, canned food, dairy products, beer, drinks, etc. 11 the output of the industry among the best; domestic provinces and processing of agricultural products have a different size to the main campus, there has been a number of agricultural workers-led force population characteristics and industrial zones, industrial zones. As the state for rural economic development and put forward a series of policies Now deep processing of agricultural products in order to gradually become a hot topic, packaging machinery should be used as first army, a breakthrough technology and equipment has lagged behind the situation, to lead the agricultural product processing industry! In particular the highly competitive beverage market, should get a breakthrough technology and equipment behind the "bottleneck"!

Deep processing of fruit and vegetable drinks are an important agricultural area. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the field of deep processing of agricultural products continues to expand and accelerate the development and the development of fruit and vegetable drinks become very concerned about the issue. Both fruit and vegetable juice drink mix flavor, but also to better retain the original flavor of tomato fruits and vegetables. Raw materials rich in resources. The use of advanced processing technology of fruit and vegetable juices, full of nutrition to keep fresh, maintain color, is the all-season natural health drinks.

Industry Profile&#58 China is now the world's average per capita consumption level of drink only 1 / 5, the domestic beverage products are now mainly carbonated drinks, fruit and vegetable drinks, plant protein drinks, natural mineral water, purified water, tea drinks, milk drinks, solid drink , cold drinks and other beverages, of which carbonated drinks mainly, its production accounts for about half the total beverage. In recent years, beverage development of deep processing of fruits and vegetables in the market place gradually. Green fruit and vegetable juice beverage is suitable for the elderly in their daily drinking, consumption of lower fruit and vegetable juice is a promising application development drinks. Technology and equipment to speed up the development of deep processing of agricultural products the key.

Fruit and Vegetable Juice Beverage Processing Machinery sub-pre-processing machinery, post-processing machinery, packaging machinery, packing machinery, palletizing, mainly including: labeling machine, cleaning machinery, grading (screening) machinery, crushing machines, Beater, juice machine, separate machinery, homogeneous machines, filtering machines, concentration machinery, heat transfer machine, water treatment equipment, soft drinks automatic packaging machines, Titian machine, sterilizing machines, filling equipment, palletizing equipment, packing equipment, etc., as well as cold drinks.

With the internationalization and modernization of agriculture, the development of modern agro-processing is not an extension of the traditional agricultural production and continued, but agricultural products through processing and manufacturing, which will eventually form of industrial products enter the market, for people to provide more science, nutrition, safe food. Henan spark mechanical processing of agricultural products as related industries, which requires us to strengthen the agro-processing areas of packaging machinery key technologies to accelerate the agricultural product processing industry, science and technology. With the food processing and preservation technology advances, the world's production of the rapid development of fruit juice, fruit juice drinks account for a major consumer market, the development of fruit juice drinks has broad prospects.

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